Mining and Managing Multilingual Terminology

Course title Mining and Managing Multilingual Terminology
Course instructor Špela Vintar
Course description Systematic terminology management is essential for efficient communication of specialised content, either within the language industry, in business or institutional environments. This course provides students with an understanding of specialised discourse and an inventory of theoretical foundations, methods and tools for terminology management in multilingual contexts. A core component of this course requires students to develop the skills necessary for compiling domain-specific text collections and employing computational methods to extract specialised knowledge from such collections.
Course objectives
  • To recognise terms and their properties in different communicative settings
  • To understand the needs of various users of terminology
  • To plan, design and populate a termbase in any terminology management tool of choice
  • To compile a specialised corpus of texts to be used for terminology mining
  • To use a corpus workbench to extract single- and multi-word terms, definitions and other relevant information, in one or several languages
  • To validate, evaluate and implement the results of terminology mining
Topics covered
  • Basic concepts in terminology
  • Concepts, definitions and relations
  • Terms across specialised domains, genres, languages
  • Terminology management: structuring an entry, available tools
  • Building a corpus for term mining
  • Approaches to term mining
  • Finding keywords and terms with a built-in term grammar
  • Extracting terms and definitions with advanced CQL queries
  • Multilingual term mining
  • Validation and evaluation of results
Level Intermediate
Modality Interactive presentations, video & screen recordings, exercises, guided tasks and assignments, reading & self-guided research
Time commitment 120 hrs