Project Events

As part of the project, several events are planned to help achieve our goals.

DigiLing Train the Trainers 2017

Train the Trainers was a 1-week staff training workshop organised by University in Leeds. The workshop was conducted by members of their e-learning team and provided training in the use of the selected authoring tools, with special focus on the specific requirements of DigiLing course contents (support for speech technologies, audiovisual materials, multilinguality).

DigiLing Multiply 2018

DigiLing Multiply will be organised in conjunction with the ITMed2018 – Summer School of Information Technologies and Media in Zadar, Croatia, between 26-31 August 2018. The purpose of this dissemination event is to present the DigiLing outputs to a broader audience of students, researchers, academics, as well as representatives from business and public institutions. In addition to getting a hands-on experience of the DigiLing e-learning model, participants will also have the chance to attend a panel on trends in Digital Linguistics and meet the DigiLing instructors in person.

DigiLing Summer School 2019

The purpose of the summer school is to test and evaluate the developed online modules and provide complementary knowledge in the form of blended learning. Partner universities will recruit 4 students each to attend the summer school (20 students in total) and also provide two teachers. The summer school will be accredited with ECTS and certificates will be issued to participants.

Trans-European eLearning Hub for Digital Linguistics