Variability of languages in time and space

Course title Variability of languages in time and space
Course instructors Anna Nedoluzhko, Magda Ševčíková, Šárka Zikánová
Course description The course provides students with basic information about the diversity of natural languages around the globe and the main dimensions along which they differ.
Course objectives
  • to understand basic linguistic notions needed for analyzing language variance on different levels of language description
  • to distinguish language types according to different typological criteria such as morphology and word order
  • to identify main types of writing systems
  • to understand the main principles of phonological, morphological and syntactic language changes from the diachronic point of view
  • to analyze implications of language diversity for contemporary language technology
Topics covered
  • Languages around the world
  • Linguistic sign, language system
  • Grammar, lexicon, and word formation
  • Word formation across languages
  • Linguistic typology of grammar: Morphology
  • Linguistic typology of grammar: Syntax
  • Writing systems around the world
  • Linguistic typology of grammar: Phonology
  • Influence of Diachronic Language Processes on the Language Variability
  • Diachronic Changes in Languages
Level Introductory
Modality Presentations and recorded presentations, accompanied by recommended additional reading and interspersed with interactive quizzes and other types of activities.
Time commitment 80 hrs