Needs analysis

Phase 1.1. Labour market needs analysis.

Our detailed analysis of the labour market needs provides insight into what companies currently expect to gain from employing language experts and in what ways they deal with (unstructured) textual data, such as emails, business correspondence, documentation, websites, support tickets etc., but also audiovisual types of content.

adobe-pdf-icon    DigiLing Labour Market Needs Report

Also, below is a file containing anonymized hard data gathered in the survey.

Survey Responses Summary     Survey Responses Summary

Phase 1.2. Creating a model curriculum for Digital Linguistics.

Building on our initial analysis of the labour market, we have created a model curriculum to provide the skills and competencies required of future Digital Linguists.

adobe-pdf-icon    Joint Masters Degree in Digital Linguistics

The proposed model curriculum was designed on the basis of the DigiLing survey and an analysis of the relevant existing curricula within the DigiLing Consortium and beyond.

Survey Responses Summary    DigiLing Partner Curricula

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