Post-Editing Machine Translation

Course title Post-Editing Machine Translation
Course Instructors Jean Nitzke, Anke Tardel
Course description This course will give you an introduction to post-editing (the correction of raw machine translated output by a human translator). It will cover both theoretical backgrounds and practical exercises.
Course objectives
  • To learn how machine translation works
  • To understand what post-editing is and how it can be executed
  • To distinguish between human translation, post-editing, and proofreading
  • To evaluate the factors influencing the post-editing process
  • To learn about post-editing in practice and research
Topics covered
  • MT history
  • MT approaches
  • General PE
  • Different PE styles
  • PE and Translation Memory Systems
  • PE and controlled languages
  • PE in research
  • PE in practice
Level Introductory to intermediate
Modality Interactive presentations, audio & screen recordings, exercises, knowledge quizzes, readings
Time commitment 120 hrs